West Gallery Music

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Elsie and I have an interest in West Gallery Music and we play our concertinas which are just appropriate to the era. We are members of the William East Quire which is local to us at Stamford, and also members of the East Anglia Concertina Players who support West Gallery Music. We have also played for Quires at Whitby (Yorkshire) and at Sidmouth (Devon).

On the evening of Sunday January 29th 2006 we were invited to take part in a concert at St. George's Church in Colegate, Norwich. We were joined on this occasion by  Trish and Hilary on violin and recorder, which added beautifully to our overall sound. This was a very enjoyable event from our point of view,  in a lovely setting with a full congregation, some of who were in period costume. I guess that they enjoyed it too as we have been asked about a return visit. Here are a few pictures of our group as a taster, more will follow as they become available.

Norwich0106-a Norwich0106-b Norwich0106-c
Elsie & Alan Norwich0106-b.jpg Norwich0106-c.jpg
Norwich0106-d Norwich0106-e Norwich0106-f
Kathleen & Paul Norwich0106-e.jpg Sally & Robin