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The West Country Concertina Players hold two residential weekends every year for concertina players. These are held at Kilve Court, near Bridgewater in Somerset, and cater for all systems of concertina and all levels of playing skills. Elsie and I thoroughly enjoy these events, and gladly travel the 230 miles to be there. Attendance is usually around the 100 players mark from all over this country, from the Continent, and even from the U.S.A..

March 2005 was our 24th visit, perhaps we will have a silver anniversary badge next time !

October 2005  our 25th visit. No silver badges, but a super event.

To avoid travelling home in the dark after a hectic weekend a few of us stay on for the Sunday night , and we usually have a small gathering in the local pub where we eat and relax.  Some pictures of the main event and the Sunday gathering are shown.

Click here for pictures of Kilve March 05

Click here for pictures of Kilve October 05

Pictures of Kilve, taken in 2006 by Adrian. 

Beacha Beachb Beachc
Beacha.jpg Beachb.jpg Beachc.jpg
Beachd Beache  
Beachd.jpg Beache.jpg

Used with permission, Copyright (c) 2006 A.Waters